Playin’ with fire…

In the late 1980s as house music took off in the clubs of the UK, fragmentation of the genre began to take place. Around the same time that acid house became a sub-genre of house, some producers had begun to blend disco and house to form another sub-genre: disco house.

Though it may not have immediately been named disco house, and while house music itself had its roots in disco, innovative producers were beginning to produce tracks with the familiar four-to-the-floor rhythms of house music, and heavy on the sampling of disco records.  One such innovator was UK DJ/producer Dave Lee, a prolific producer of many great tracks under many production monikers, including his best known, Joey Negro.

Around 1987, in partnership with Rough Trade Records, Lee set up Republic Records, a label which for the next few years would release a slew of brilliant house and garage (the New York/New Jersey house sound) records, including his own productions under various names.

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One such name was M-D-EMM, the trio of Mark Ryder, Dave Lee, and Emmanuel (Mike) Cheal. Together they produced a series of 12″ singles which blended house, acid house, Philadelphia disco and rare groove.

This release, ‘Playin’ With Fire’, is a collection of remixes of tracks which had been released on earlier 12″ singles by M-D-EMM.

This is ‘Don’t Stop, We’re So Hot (Body Sizzling Mix)’, the lead track off the EP.

If you’re into disco house or want to explore further, any of Dave Lee’s releases are highly recommended. The good news is that Lee is still making great records, like this one:




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